More focus with MagicQuit

Automatically closes apps when you don't use them anymore. Enjoy a cleaner MacOS desktop, more free memory, and enhanced battery life.

Lightweight and 0% CPU usage.

And yes, it's free and open source.

Download MagicQuit 1.3.1 (free) View on GitHub 100% offline. Check the privacy policy.
MagicQuit Screenshot


How does it work?

MagicQuit automatically closes apps when you don't use them anymore. It's that simple.

What happens when there's unsaved data?

MagicQuit won't forcefully close apps. When there's unsaved data, the app will ask you to save it.

What if I don't want to quit an app?

Simply disable the checkbox close to the app name in the Menu Bar menu. MagicQuit will never close this app again. System processes like Finder or Spotlight will never be closed.

How much does it cost?

It's free. No ads, no in-app purchases, no subscriptions. Just free.

Do I pay with data?

No. MagicQuit is 100% offline and doesn't send any data to any server. It's open source, so you can check the code yourself.

Which OS does it support?

MagicQuit runs on MacOS 13 and newer.

Why did you develop it?

I was tired of having a cluttered desktop and apps using power in the background. While Arc Browser does a great job for browser tabs, alternative solutions for MacOS apps either didn't work well for me or used way too much battery. So I developed MagicQuit.